The Buswell Manufacturing Company Flat gaskets, seals, and washers for the automotive, bearing, instrument, marine, and other commercial industries.

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That's the Buswell advantage. And that's why original equipment manufacturers and end users come to Buswell to fulfill production requirements.You can be sure that Buswell will provide you with the products of the finest quality backed by unexcelled service.

We have in-house tool & die making capability.

We specialize in non metallic stamping

Durometer Range
(30 - 80) Thickness .002 - .250 inches Coated fabric (to your specification)

Wall Thickness
A general rule of thumb to determine if the wall thickness of a rubber or plastic washer is producable using the die cutting method is...Subtract the I.D. from the O.D. then divide by two (2). If the answer is less than the material thickness, there is a good chance the part cannot be die cut. Check with us if you have any questions.

Material Thickness & Tolerances
Material thickness tolerances vary widely depending on material composition, and the manufacturing process used. Check with us before you commit to a specific tolerance or process capability index.

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Send us your specifications. Let us help you make material and producibility decisions.

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